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Sex Ed for Grown-Ups

Self Serve provides everyday advice, weekly classes on sex and relationships and private workshops and trainings. Whether you’re looking for relationship advice one-on-one, planning a Girls’ Night In party for friends, or  you’re looking for sexuality cultural competency training for your office, we can help. Check out our upcoming events below, or plan ahead; we tend to schedule three months out.

We encourage you to sign up for events about a week in advance. Some classes do sell out in advance, and some may be canceled if under-booked. Call the shop with any questions at 505-265-5815.

Sharing Secrets

Molly-TeachingAt the shop, at sex toy parties and in our workshops, we quickly learned that people need to tell their secrets—secrets which when left untold foster shame, and more secrecy.

There are too few forums for problem-solving and communication skills to address these so-called “bedroom secrets” outside the bedroom. In today’s world, where doctor’s appointments last 15 minutes and medical school coursework rarely covers sexuality, we recognized a compelling need for safe, thorough, healthy advice and resources on sex without all the pop culture hype and anti-woman imagery.

To end the shame and silence around sex, we aim to help people to see their bodies and desires as beautiful, sexual, positive, strong and healthy. We create unique spaces for fun and learning, helping our customers learn about healthy sexuality in a safe, supportive environment.

We don’t like the word “sexpert,” but we want every grown-up to feel she can be her own expert. There are no universal truths, except that you are an individual with your own distinctive needs, desires and feelings. We want to help you find your own truths.

23 Comments on “Classes & Events

  1.  by  P.

    Have you ever thought of hosting naked events and parties, mixers, for singles, couples swingers, straight and gay pornatopias. Have you thought of sponsoring orgies for different age categories? That kind of thing is sorely lacking in this city.

  2.  by  Hunter

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, we cannot hold parties like these due to legal restraints. There are kinky and swinger folks in New Mexico who host events like these. We recommend check out and and search for people and groups in Albuquerque.

    Thank you for reaching out!

  3.  by  chyna beck

    hi, can you get me back on your email list? I no longer receive emails. hope u have some classes soon. Hope you are doing well and I appreciate so much all you do and stand for…. blessings to you this holiday!

  4.  by  Hunter

    Can you send an email with your request to info(at)selfservetoys(dot)com

    Thank you!
    Hunter @ Self Serve

  5.  by  Hunter

    Hi there!

    If you’re able to send an email to Hunter, our class coordinator, we can get an idea of what would be a good fit. Her email is: hunter (at) selfservetoys (dot) com.

    Thank you!

  6.  by  Alex

    Is the starting into ethical non-monogamy going to offered again any time in the near future? I unfortunately have another commitment the night the April class is happening. Thanks

  7.  by  Ray

    My WONDERFUL girlfriend/now fiance! and I were in your shop recently and have been chatting about adding some rope work and mild bondage and seeing where it goes. I see that there is a class next Tuesday. I am ALL for it and she is too. Unfortunately, she is on the other side of the world for a couple of weeks. Is it worth coming to the rope class if I don’t have someone to “tie up?” I’ve been reviewing books, but there is SO much to learn in person.

  8.  by  Self Serve

    Hi there,

    So sorry that we didn’t see this message until now. You are more than welcome to come to the class and practice with someone else. But this is one of our most popular classes, so we’ll definitely be offering it again. Thank you!

  9.  by  Self Serve

    We will have another non-monogamy class coming up in the next few months, so stay tuned 😀

  10.  by  Ben

    Do you have any classes on sub and Dom.If not will you have one coming up?

  11.  by  Hunter

    We currently have classes around BDsM that are about flogging, sensation play and bondage. We do offer a class called Finding Your Inner Dominant, but we don’t have it scheduled yet.
    Thanks for the question!

  12.  by  Terri Gately

    I am very interested in becoming a Product Tester for you and would be delighted to give feedback on the product. Nothing is more frustrating than buying a product that doesn’t perform as advertised. Frustrating, so I would love to contribute to saving someone from wasting their time and money by testing and reporting back my experience with the product.

  13.  by  Melanie Helton

    I am very interested in becoming a toy tester for your company. Please sign me up STAT!!

  14.  by  Patrick Henley

    How do you know when you have the right sex partner

  15.  by  Patrick Henley

    Have you updated your schedule of classes yet

  16.  by  Desert_Night

    Do u do/have any classes & events in Santa Fe?

  17.  by  Hunter

    We are currently not accepting new applications for toy testers. But thank you for your interest!

  18.  by  Hunter

    We are currently not accepting new applications for toy testers. But thank you for your interest!

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