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Product Description

Despite appearances, this simple bulb can bring waves of sensation to your play time. The pressure is lighter than nipple clamps and you can easily control suction for your preferred gratification. Remove them after as much as ten minutes and enjoy the sensitivity from the engorged blood flow. It’s that easy to drive your nipples wild with pleasure!

Our Community Reviewer Said:

It was the right amount of sensation reminding me that something was there without being too much, and the “sucking” was a nice feeling. It was easy to employ these: just pinch the bulb, stick some nipple-age in there, and let go.

  • Made of sturdy PVC
  • Holds suction until you release it
  • Easy to clean
  • Each sucker is 2.25" x 1"
  • Safe for use on other areas of skin
You would probably like this if:

you want a steady sucking feeling on your nipples

You would probably not like this if:

you don’t appreciate nipple play or sucking