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Product Description

Are you ready for a firm grip? The strength of these suckers is reflected in their name! Each pair is topped with a tiny handle that you can flick, tug, or see how much weight the suction can support by hanging things from them. They are made of a durable TPR rubber and clear, which allows you to see the nipples inside, both for fun and safety.

To use these, wet the opening (you can use lube, water, chapstick… or you can lick them) to produce a tighter seal. Then pinch them to squeeze out the air, position over the nipples touching the skin and let go. Then feel your nipples get sucked in!

The Steel Grip Nipple Suckers produce dull, aching, burning, tingling and pinchy sensations. They’re strong enough to break the tiny blood vessels around the nipple, so if marks are your thing, use these to produce that polka dot type bruise!

You would like these if you like pain on your nipples and a strong, suction-y pull.
You would not like these if you don’t want to bruise and if you only like light nipple sensation.

Our Reviewer said:
“The strength of the suck was much better than others, and the clear color was a big safety turn on for me :)”

Materials: TPR rubber

  • Length 2"
  • Diameter .36"

Care and Upkeep:
TPR is lovely, durable, soft and porous; so keep it between yourself and those with whom you share body fluids. Wash these with warm, soapy water.