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Product Description

Massage oil candles are the best idea to come to massage since opposable thumbs. Seriously, what could improve any massage more than warmed, luscious smelling oil on your skin? And to make it even better, these are made from natural ingredients that help restore and maintain skin hydration.

How do you use one? You light the candle and let the oil melt. Then you blow out the candle; pour or drip the oil onto skin or in your hand; squeeze, knead, worship and repeat as desired. It's not waxy and it won't solidify on your skin. It's all in the special mix of oils that are solid at room temperature but melt at temperatures just a tiny bit above that. This means the oil you pour out is warm and soothing, not hot.

This oil feels lightweight and rubs into the skin easily. Light these before a bath or shower, and when you get out, use the warm oil as a moisturizer. Drip these into the tub as a bath oil. Give your sweetie a wonderful massage to end a long day or start some sensual time.

Ingredients: Palm kernel oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, olive oil, fragrance oil, rosemary oleoresin

  • Two sizes when in stock: 2 fl oz, and 6 fl oz
Handmade and hand poured by us right here in Albuquerque, NM!

Care and Upkeep:
These massage oils are not meant to be sexual lubricant. Oils break down latex and polyisoprene but also, some of these ingredients may be irritating to mucous membranes, like vaginas and butt holes. These are also not considered edible because of the rosemary oleoresin (even though it's a teensy amount). These candles come in a great little tin, so you can use them and then “put a lid on it” to keep dust out. If you burn the candle enough to melt the whole top to liquid the first time, it will burn more evenly the next times you use it.