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Gun Oil Lube 2 oz

Gun Oil Lube 2 oz


Product Description

High-Tech Lube For smooth, Rapid-Fire Action. Gun Oil - the premium, silicone lubricant that keeps a man's most important weapon well oiled. If the military issued a lube, this what they'd distribute with the condoms and artillery. During Operation Desert Storm, Marines jacked off with actual military-issue CLP (cleans, lubricates, protects) while hunkered down in the trenches of Kuwaiti battlefields. One of those marines developed a high-tech formula for smooth, rapid-fire action.

This unique, hypoallergenic, silicone lube keeps a Private's parts well lubricated with added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for a longer lasting, slicker ride and minimized skin irritation. The ultra-concentrated formula is designed to lubricate thoroughly without breaking down or drying out. Gun oil actually contains no oil, so it is perfectly safe for use with condoms. Fortified with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for Restorative and Healing Properties Unscented and Flavor Free provides a satisfying experience Highly Concentrated and Water Resistant for long-lasting adventures.

One of our best selling lubes by far, gun oil will last longer than you can!