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ContraGel Green

ContraGel Green


Product Description

ContraGel Green - the Natural Alternative to Spermicide


Buy ContraGel in the US.

ContraGel Green is at the forefront of the revival of barrier contraception. Constant problems and irritations caused by traditional spermicides have prevented women from being able to use the barrier contraceptives of their choice. No spermicide means no barrier usage. Now ContraGel Green is here as a natural alternative so at last that diaphragm can be used without the rash and that cervical cap can be used without the irritation!ᅠ Contragel is not a chemical spermicide, and is not yet approved by the FDA.

We import ContraGel from the UK so you have access to a natural form of contraception.ᅠ Buy ContraGel from Self Serve and we'll ship priority from Albuquerque, NM.ᅠ Use ContraGel with condoms, diaphragms or cervical caps.

ContraGel Green is...

  • Totally Hormone Free

  • Instantly Reversible Contraception

  • Totally Free of Nonoxynol 9

  • Alternative to Femprotect Natural Spermicide
  • Available Over The Counter (OTC Non-Prescription)

  • Over 35 Years Production History

  • European Manufactured

  • CE 0124 Certified and Health Canada Approved

 100% Natural Ingredients

  • Water
  • Lactic Acid
  • Sodium Lactate
  • Methyl Cellulose
  • Sorbic Acid

  • About ContraGel

    ContraGel has recently been launched in the UK to help solve a wide range of issues associated with spermicides. By only using natural ingredients, ContraGel Green reduces the risk and occurrence of many nasty adverse reactions which can be synonymous withᅠchemically packed spermicides, especially those containing Nonoxynol-9. N-9 is an abrasive agent, most commonly found in detergents and has been identified by the WHO (World Health Organization) as actually increasing the risk of HIV/AIDS in certain situations. For this reason it's also become increasingly hard to buy spermicide in countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand as their health services and agencies turn their back on it. Stopping prescription of a dangerous chemical based product or treatment is good, but what should the patient then resort to? Hormonal contraception? We are sure that's what the pharmaceutical companies would like to hear!

    Being water soluble means itメs safe to use with natural latex, rubber or polyurethane condoms as well as latex or silicon rubber diaphragms and cervical caps.


    When used with aᅠcervical cap such as FemCap, ContraGel Green forms a physical barrier with a low pH value just infront of the cervix, inhibiting and immobilizing the sperm. The woman is protected twice, first by the cap and then by the gel.


    ContraGel is a very safe gel for those who are investigating their natural birth control methods. As a Lactic Acid-based gel for barriers, Contragel is similar to Femprotect, which is based upon the formula used for DiaphragmaGel Lacto. There have been no clinical studies to proof the spermicidal function of Femprotect and there have been no clinical studies to prove the innocuousness of Femprotect so users must use it at their own risk, On the other hand, ContraGel has been approved for use by t