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Product Description

This body safe anal cleansing system is gentle and thorough for a deep clean that feels great. The soft silicone bulb is easily squeezed with one hand, and the curved tip makes it both comfortable and easy to hold on to. With a little more girth than most enemas, the Booty Bulb should satisfy users both during and after use.

Our Community Reviewer Said:

This was easy to use and much more comfortable than other bulb enema I have which has a straight nozzle. The curved nozzle was a big plus because I could insert it comfortably in a sitting position and not have to get creative to be comfortable.

  • Silicone bulb, TPE rubber attachment
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • 5.25 inches x 1 inch tip
  • 4.25 inches x 2.75 inches bulb
  • Make sure to keep the bulb squeezed so the water doesn't flow back into the bulb
You would probably like this if:

you want a simple handheld enema; if you like a bigger tipped enema

You would probably not like this if:

you want a high volume enema; if you need a small tipped enema