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Product Description

The Ami kegel toy set from JeJoue offers the pleasurable way to tone your PC muscles. ᅠ Ami is Je Joue’s new progressive, three step 'tease as you tone' exercise set.

Doing kegel exercises tones your pc muscles - helping you stay healthy, prevent incontinence, gain stronger orgasms, and help put a fun squeeze on your partner during sex!



When starting out your kegel exercise regimen, use the largest ball first- then work your way to the smallest, heaviest Ami toy.ᅠ The largest Ami is easiest and lightest to hold in, then they get progressively smaller and heavier. Your body will cue you when you should take it out.ᅠ When muscles get tired you'll notice it's time to remove the toy.ᅠ Starting at home is always a good idea!ᅠ Then perhaps wear Ami on a walk, at the gym, or out dancing.

Je Joue has taken cues from the best medical and pleasure products available, to create Ami and allow the user to find their perfect start point and progress their PC strength in a pleasurable way.

Covered in smooth soft 100% body safe silicone and ABS plastic. Ami is totally phthalate-free.

We recommend using only water-based lubricants with Ami.

For cleaning
We recommend washing Ami in warm water and soap. You can also boil Ami to sterilize, but we recommend that you do so only for 1 minute maximum.

The Ami Sizes:

- Weight (in oz) Length inc. cord (inches) Length excl. cord (inches) Maximum diameter (inches)
Ami 1 1.65 4.37 1.41 1.41
Ami 2 2.75 6.14 3.14 1.25
Ami 3 3.73 5.66 2.75 1.1