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Delightful Dilator Set

Delightful Dilator Set


Product Description

The Delightful Dilator Set is an economical, well-designed toy for vaginal dilation.ᅠ This set comes with a plastic vibrator, four size choices that click into place, and an optional soft rubber sleeve.ᅠ It's a variable speed vibrator, so it can be enjoyed for medical purposes or just for fun.ᅠ

Whether you struggle with discomfort during intercourse, sexual anxiety, or simply want to work on your pelvic floor strength, the Dilator Set has everything you need to train your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor to increase pleasure in your sex life.ᅠ Starting at 2.75" / 7 cm circumference and going up to 4.75"/12 cm, the set works for all kinds of people, no matter what your sexual challenges.ᅠ The vibrating option helps to take the clinical edge off dilator use by making the focus on pleasure as well as training.ᅠ Even after you've done your dilating homework, the vibrator will be super enjoyable!

The unique interlocking system secures your dilator to the plastic sleeves.ᅠ Stack the sleeves to the desired size, add lubrication and enjoy.ᅠ For added texture or softness, add the rubber sleeve.

We suggest you always use the dilator with your preferred lubricant.ᅠ Use only water based lubricant with the rubber sleeve. (Oil or silicone based lubricants may not wash off).ᅠ Be sure to secure cap tightly prior to cleaning or before using in the bath or shower.ᅠ Clean toys after each use (or at least the next morning!)ᅠ Immerse in soapy, warm water to clean.Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.