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Product Description

Q:Why are so many vibrators curved at the tip?
A: Because gspots are easier to stimulate with a curved toy! In fact, it's not just the gspot, there are all kinds of super sensitive nerves on the anterior side of the vagina, and those curved toys help us access them.

Gspots can feel great when we're turned on and pushing against them. They're basically a backdoor to the clitoris. More than that, gspots can be used to help us squirt. Sure, it can take some practice for some of us, and this toy is here to help! (If you want more information about gspot ejaculation -squirting- take a look at our book section and classes! We also sometimes have DVDs on it.)

This toy is simple with a soft, satiny feel. It has a dial at the bottom to adjust the vibration intensity in the increments you like. The tip has a bulge to give you a more full, less poky feeling of pressure. It's almost the same as our toy G Shift Jr, but this one has a more softer starting vibration and is controlled with a dial on its base rather than a button. The preference is personal. Some people love the dial as you can get tiny gradations of change between vibration intensities. Some people love buttons because you can change the speeds even if your hands are slippery and pulsation patterns can be added.

You would like this toy if you like curved vibrators or want to try one with a curve that's pretty straight forward.
You would not like this toy if you want a girthier toy, especially one that is wider at the base so that the vagina feels stretched at its opening.

Settings: Dial style control to change the intensity
Power: 2 AAA batteries
Material: Phthalate and latex free plastic

  • Insertable length: 5.875”
  • Total length: 7.5”
  • Diameter of the head: 1.43”
  • Diamter of the shaft: .75"
Noise: Medium, 4 on a scale from 1-10
Vibration character: Buzzy
Vibration intensity: 5 on a scale from 1-10

Care and Upkeep:
Plastics can be washed with warm, soapy water, or wiped down with alcohol. If plastic gets nicked or scratched, bacteria can hide in the scratches, so try to keep it safe in a soft cloth or bag. There's an O ring beneath the threads of the battery compartment that keeps the inside of the toy dry if it's exposed to water. The battery compartment needs to be tightly closed for this to work. If the rubber ring breaks or starts to wear down, you can take it off the toy and ask a hardware store for an O ring in that size. They don't have to know what it's for!